We help Market Research, Consulting Firm & Ad Agency and brands to get deliver unparalleled expertise in research insight through our extensive approach of participants recruitment for all types of research projects.


For over 7 years, Think Design has provided participants recruitment  solutions to clients across the India by using our expansive recruitment knowledge.  we deliver results to our clients across all of their participants recruitment needs.


We consider time to be a commodity, therefore our delivery teams are focused on delivering quality solutions in a rapid manner.

Qualified Professionals

Think Design team is comprised of enthusiastic and seasoned market research professionals, always ready and willing to go above and beyond in supporting delivery to our clients.

Technology & Innovation

We use innovative data collection tools to approach the same issues from different perspectives and explore all solutions to choose the most effective manner to conduct a study.


Think Design is a young & dynamic data collection market research agency which "gather the data you need to drive decision making". We combine the latest technology with extensive expertise to provide professional solutions. Experience the energy, flexibility and 'can-do' attitude of a boutique style organization having PAN India presence, processes and expertise of highly experienced team to achieve an unparalleled "best of both' organization offers.

A best in industry par data collection of Market Research, Think Design has positioned itself to provide market research data collection services to all various market research firms, consulting firms & Ad agency and many brands across nation. A full service data collection firm in every sense of the term, Think Design provides end to end data collection and support services of qualitative & quantitative insights.


we are?

We’re a qualitative & digital research fieldwork agency designed with one key goal in mind – to find you the very best participants for your qualitative market research, every time.

Since the beginning, our passion has been people – which is why we’re so well placed to find you the best participants that fit your exact specifications. We want to help you improve what you do so you can conduct more efficient research, increase engagement, and make better, more informed decisions.

So, if you need awesome participants for your next qualitative market research study, or if you are thinking about using a fieldwork agency but not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place!


We love what we do! And we do what we love!

We always believed that the connection between businesses and consumers can create a world with better products and services. Keeping that in mind, Think Design Research became a data collection company with the focus of showing that this world is possible for both companies and consumers.

We love finding people for research projects, or helping you to set up a research project. 

Recruiting for hundreds of studies annually, our clients trust us as their research partner to deliver high-quality recruitment for their important and most challenging projects, no matter what the research method: finding great people to take part in research + making the lives of fellow researchers easier.

We use a combination of digital methods, traditional techniques, our own community + a strong social media presence, to find the best participants for your projects.

What we don’t do is full-service market research. We’re a fieldwork agency and the engine room behind your research, so we work super hard to find the right people and organise the logistics behind your project. And, if you do need a full-service agency to help you conduct your research, relax – we’ve got a number of trusted agencies we can recommend to hand your project safely over to.

we do?

Well, we take the time to truly understand our clients and will make sure we really get to know what makes you tick before we start the recruitment process. It’s this attention to detail that enables us to find participants to fit your exact specifications, so you can conduct better research than ever before.

You see, at Think Design, we go the extra mile. From the very beginning, you’ll have your own dedicated project management team who will provide expert briefing, debriefing and quota management advice, as well as regular updates and complete management of the confirmation process.


We’ll also be on hand to provide guidance on everything from demographics, sample size and methodologies, as well as general recommendations on how to proceed – so you can benefit from all our years of experience, right from the start.


We use the same thorough approach for recruitment: from tried-and-tested traditional techniques to highly-targeted digital methods, combined with our dedicated panel  and even refer-a-friend campaigns, we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding you the very best participants for your  market research projects.


At Think Design, we love to chat – and we believe our expert validation process is another thing that sets us apart from the competition. We want to make sure you only take forward fully-validated participants for your market research project, which is why we pre-interview everyone over the phone to ensure we cherry-pick only the highest-quality participants who perfectly fit your criteria.


Think Design laid its groundwork on the following pillars of values that has given the company its current shape:

Flexibility and Adaptability


Client Satisfaction

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations through best solutions & services.


Quality Work

We are dedicated to provide quality data through fieldwork at lowest possible cost which enables you to enhance your business opportunity.

Team Work

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. Integrity is our most important asset, based on the ethical standards of our everyday operations.

We always ready to respond quickly to the schedule and requirements of our clients’ projects and needs.

Trust is at the foundation of every successful business. Without trust, nothing gets done. Trust form the roots of our company culture.

We believe that, it is the team work which succeeds. We believe in working with even our clients as a team to get the work done.