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About Think Design Research 

We help Market Research, Consulting Firm & Ad Agency and brands to get deliver unparalleled expertise in research insight through our extensive approach of participants recruitment for all types of research projects.

We Are?

We’re a qualitative & digital research fieldwork agency designed with one key goal in mind – to find you the very best participants for your qualitative market research, every time.

Since the beginning, our passion has been people – which is why we’re so well placed to find you the best participants that fit your exact specifications. We want to help you improve what you do so you can conduct more efficient research, increase engagement, and make better, more informed decisions.

So, if you need awesome participants for your next qualitative market research study, or if you are thinking about using a fieldwork agency but not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

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We Do?

We love what we do! And we do what we love!

We always believed that the connection between businesses and consumers can create a world with better products and services. Keeping that in mind, Think Design Research became a data collection company with the focus of showing that this world is possible for both companies and consumers.

We love finding people for research projects, or helping you to set up a research project. Recruiting for hundreds of studies annually, our clients trust us as their research partner to deliver high-quality recruitment for their important and most challenging projects, no matter what the research method: finding great people to take part in research + making the lives of fellow researchers easier.

We use a combination of digital methods, traditional techniques, our own community + a strong social media presence, to find the best participants for your projects.

What we don’t do is full-service market research. We’re a fieldwork agency and the engine room behind your research, so we work super hard to find the right people and organise the logistics behind your project. And, if you do need a full-service agency to help you conduct your research, relax – we’ve got a number of trusted agencies we can recommend to hand your project safely over to.

We Do?

Well, we take the time to truly understand our clients and will make sure we really get to know what makes you tick before we start the recruitment process. It’s this attention to detail that enables us to find participants to fit your exact specifications, so you can conduct better research than ever before.

You see, at Think Design, we go the extra mile. From the very beginning, you’ll have your own dedicated project management team who will provide expert briefing, debriefing and quota management advice, as well as regular updates and complete management of the confirmation process.

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Think Design laid its groundwork on the following pillars of values that has given the company its current shape:

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