Think Design stands out as a lead market research field work agency in qualitative recruitment, quantitative data collection and market research support services which enable us of choice for researchers, consultants, Ad agencies and end clients.

  • We are able to recruit respondents on a very short notice – even within 24 hours.

  • We have experience in recruiting very specific and hard to get to respondents, i.e. specialize in a niche field.

  • We are able to field projects according to our client’s requirements while bringing our local market expertise and methodological competence.

  • We are able to provide all logistic with quality. 

  • We cooperate on an ongoing basis with a number of proven local research agencies in the countries covered with our fieldwork services. We know which agency specializes in what field, thus we employ verified partners.

Extent Experience
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Minimal Cost

Through our continuous focus on efficient project turnaround and competitive pricing. We also regard our commitment to clients once start a project we never hold because of any minor specification changes. We communicate regularly with clients to update related to the projects.

Leads Through Change

At Think Design, everything we do is focused on delivering the highest quality data. We apply rigorous quality assurance process throughout every data project to ensure the integrity of your results.


  • We prefer not opting for traditional methods like formal, directive, structured.

  • We are actively looking to identify various target groups through online association, group, or clubs.

  • We have a separate team to ensure zero per cent duplicacy among the recruited respondents.

  • For B2B & HNI (High networth Individual) respondents we have specific approach panels.

  • We get back checks done telephonically as well as physical in few cases.

Street Intercept

  • Supervisors perform random spot checks of interviewers and review their previously completed interviews.

  • Callbacks are incorporated in 15 to 20% of intercepts literally, recontacting respondents to ensure that they participated in the study.

Central Location Test

For central location test, we sometimes recruit our own respondents and other times we use an outside agency. In both cases, Think Design QC professionals reach out to recruited respondents to verify their information and willingness to participate.

Clients Who Trust Us