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We are small by choice, we believe this allows us to provide you with very personal service. Because we live, work and shop here hence we know the area and the people. We believe your research hinges on a successful recruit and will take any means necessary to find fresh, articulate, interesting individuals to participate in your research.


Every recruiter is well paid to THINK about who we are recruiting and to take ownership of their project. We will be part of your team for the duration of the recruiting process. We give you personal attention and if you so desire, we will give you feedback on trends we reveal during the course of recruiting. We provide surprising benefits that others do not think or care about, such as replacing participants who must cancel their session at no cost to you! We are comprehensively excellent at what we do and because of this we have several key industry partnerships in the area.

We have got you covered for any research methodology.


Focus Groups

We at Think Design Research help our clients to identify and recruit the target audience of the same or different profile and participate in them to discuss the specific topic and help understand the perspectives and experiences of a particular industry, community, or consumers which further helps our clients to gain insights and strategize their approach.


Individual In-Depth interviews provide an unparalleled opportunity to gather detailed information and deep insights. Where research focuses on a specific product, process, situation, or purpose.

We have an experienced team to find the ideal profiles for conducting in-depth interviews.

Usability Tests

Think Design Research focuses on user’s recruitment for enhancing user experience by determining perception, needs, usability, and profitability. Usability testing is a method used to test a product's design by involving real users. Usability testing is a costly method to learn how users interact with research data services, allowing for improvements based on user needs.


In-home Usage Test

An in-home usage test (IHUT) is a consumer product research study where people use and review products at home to provide feedback about likes and dislikes.

We are experienced with detailed in-home product testing, returns, and journaling experiences.  We'll make sure your testing is spot on!



To understand how people live their lives, interact with various categories through engaging with consumers in the context of their behaviours. It allows you to deeply explore consumer behaviour by joining them in their world; whether that’s in their home, on job, or shopping, you’ll go wherever you need to go to deeply understand your consumers. We will help you to find right participants.

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To gain immediate, real time feedback from consumers  where and when they are considering a purchase. We are experienced recruiter for onsite observation and interviews to better understand how your customer makes purchase decisions — and why?

Diary Studies

Diary studies are great for capturing experiences with products and services and for taking a more continuous look at consumers in their everyday lives. We can find reliable participants who are happy to take part in diary studies.


Consumer Immersions

Do you want consumer visits to be arranged for your senior team or your employees? Or would you like to meet a small set of consumers in your office, testing your confidential new product? We are experts in this and have worked with many clients on this.

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