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Telephone Survey

Telephone surveys are the perfect methodology when you need to achieve high response rates amongst sample-specific target markets or customers.

Information and feedback are two important sources by which business moves are based. Telephone surveys are done if businesses need immediate knowledge on their customers' thoughts on the company, its product and/or services. Market research surveys done via telephone is an indispensable tool for information gathering.

Think Design is one of the leading telephone survey research companies with highly trained agents who do surveys over the phone to determine a company's current market standing. Through a telephone survey, Think Design representatives interview the client's customers and ask them the right questions to provide the market information that applies to the client's business and/or industry. Our agents are trained to effectively collect as much as valuable information possible. 


High-quality data collection is critical to survey research. With this in mind, Think Design has designed a telephone interviewing facility that stresses the importance of highly trained telephone interviewers who work under the close supervision of our senior staff. To ensure that the data collected are of the highest quality, interviewers are extensive trained and expert in probing. The project supervisor conducts in-depth project briefings with the interviewing staff prior to their working on the project. Interviewers are instructed on survey goals and objectives, type of study, handling of survey questions, interview length, termination points and qualifiers for participation, reviewing of skip patterns, and probing and clarifying techniques necessary for specific questions on the survey instrument.


Supervision over the interviewing process is performed by the survey team managers through extensive interviewer training, monitoring, and interviewer review. The survey team managers randomly monitor telephone workstations without the interviewers' knowledge as to which interviews will be monitored. Random interviewer monitoring allows the survey team managers to maintain strict quality control over the data collection process.

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