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Welcome to Think Design Research

We Connect People With Brands to Provide Feedback and Improve Products & Services.


Think Design Research is your research recruitment partner, an agency designed with one goal in mind – to provide you with the very best people for your research projects. We take our time to understand the brands & agencies we work with and apply this in-depth knowledge to find the right people that fit your exact specifications – so you can make better, more informed decisions.

We’ll help you target hard-to-reach respondents for focus groups, IDIs and surveys and use multi-mode recruitment methods to increase response rates, including social media, direct mail, member lists, online communities and phone.

At Think Design Research, we deliver a market research recruitment solution that’s perfect for modern-day researchers. But what really makes us different is our problem-solving and project-management skills – so whatever type of participant you’re looking for, don’t worry; you can leave the search to us.

Our Sector

No matter your brief, research method or location, we find the right sample within your target audience. To win more briefs, you need to uncover valuable insights, which can only be done when asking the right questions, to the right people. No matter the market you’re enquiring about, our extensive network across multiple B2B and B2C sectors ensures exactly that.

We Serve

Think Design has a combination of both Online and offline data collection method from focus groups and in-depth interviews to online communities and central location testing, our fieldwork expertise to reach hard to reach targeted audience. This rich experience means we can provide you with advice and guidance on the best possible field work approach to get the data you need.​

At every stage, we take care of the heavy lifting. This means you can focus on what’s most important, turning data into recommendations for your clients, safe in the knowledge that the fieldwork is running smoothly.

Think Design a trusted field partner to top-tier market research firms, consulting firms & Ad agencies, providing them with data they need to drive decision making. We are dedicated to provide customized fieldwork solutions for Qualitative, Quantitative & Online Research project fieldwork. 


Research Firm

Market Research Firms provide insights and help their client to identify opportunities, hone strategies and increase market share.


Consulting Firms
& Ad Agencies

Consulting Firms & Advertising Agencies are often confronted with the need to conduct company, competitor, product or brand related research.



As competition increases amongst brands, new opportunities continually develop for Brands ready and equipped with the best tools. If you’re looking to data as a competitive tool, Think Design should be your data partner.


We are small by choice, we believe this allows us to provide you with very personal service. Because we live, work and shop here hence we know the area and the people. We believe your research hinges on a successful recruit and will take any means necessary to find fresh, articulate, interesting individuals to participate in your research.

Every recruiter is well paid to THINK about who we are recruiting and to take ownership of their project. We will be part of your team for the duration of the recruiting process. We give you personal attention and if you so desire, we will give you feedback on trends we reveal during the course of recruiting. We provide surprising benefits that others do not think or care about, such as replacing participants who must cancel their session at no cost to you! We are comprehensively excellent at what we do and because of this we have several key industry partnerships in the area.



From the FGD, Peer Group, IDI, immersions, UX/UT, in-home, in-person, or online - you name it - we can do all types of qualitative research recruitment, explore our comprehensive portfolio of recruitment solutions.



From traditional, in-field studies to online surveys, explore our portfolio of nation wide quantitative solutions with high quality interviews.



Our Moderator encouraging participants to talk, prompting the discussion in appropriate directions to ensure all issues are covered, and changing the direction of the discussion when a point is felt to have been sufficiently covered.



We offer facilities across India that are geared for our clients. They are fully equipped and designed to provide a fresh and inspiring environment.



We help qualitative researchers remove the language barrier in their research by converting audio recordings into written form to facilitate the insight process.



Think Design specializes in managing, processing, and analyzing a huge amount of data for market research data to help them gain insights on the target audience, forecasting marketing trends, and evaluating competitors’.



Understand Research Objective

Tell us your research construct and  what you want to achieve along with data collection methodology.


Dedicated Supervisor

Each research project is assigned to a survey supervisor who has extensive

experience in the sector that applies to the survey.


Respondent Recruitment

We design a custom approach, identifying target respondents and selecting the optimal methodology and professional network


Thank you to the incredible team at Think Design Research for your continued service for our often bespoke research briefs. In 15 years doing 1-2-1 user research, in these last two days we have seen the highest quality, varied, talkative and targeted participants ever.



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