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Rapidly growing in popularity, online qualitative research becoming the preferred tool of marketing research companies. Even before Covid-19, the benefits of online qualitative research were clear.

Online Qualitative offer the following advantages:

  • Cost savings with the savings of facilities and food expenses

  • Elimination of travel expenses

  • Rapid recruitment of respondents Ease of simultaneous translations

Because it’s cost-effective and is ideal for targeting specific demographics, particularly younger web-savvy consumers. Online qualitative can also remove barriers for respondents, are more cost effective to run and levels of engagement are high.

Online research is suitable for a wide range of qualitative research projects. It’s ideal for engaging respondents quickly and for as short or long a time as is necessary. Even busy consumers can be targeted using online research, including time-pressed professionals, B2B participants and healthcare workers. Online research can also have the added benefit of anonymity, which in some cases can yield responses that are more candid and uninhibited.

Recruitment Services for Online Qualitative Research

Whatever online qualitative methodology you opt for your research work, we do recruitment for all those methodologies.


An ideal solution for hard to reach targets, sensitive topics or when travel is not an option.


Ethnography gets you closer to the truth. It immerses you in your consumer's daily lives, exploring and revealing the key parts of their customer journey - in or outside home.

Remote User Testing

A deep dive into the quality of a user's experience when interacting with products or systems including websites, software, applications or a device interface.

Diary Studies

Track Consumer's behaviors, activities, experience and emotions over time. Diary studies provide firsthand, detailed insight that really helps you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and their needs.

Mobile Research

Connect with people anywhere in the country using their own mobile device. Allow them to share their decisions, behaviors and thoughts with you in any environment.

Highlights of Online Qualitative Research


We recruit from our panels, which consist of respondents that have participated in past qualitative and quantitative projects which give you the time flexibility.


We over–recruit by at least 2 respondents for each Online FGD/IDI.


We call the respondent to verify that they pass the screeners.


We deliver a daily recruitment report to our clients for approval.

All participants are confirmed prior to the discussions.


Why Choose 'Think Design' for Online Qualitative Research


Our project management skills


Excellent recruitment by using different channel


Bi-lingual and excellent moderators


Our high value and cost effectiveness

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