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Product optimization is important to success in the marketplace. We recruit and interview the respondents that you need for your product tests project, deliver the products for testing, complete the follow up survey, and give you the results. Our product placements are completely confidential are managed so that they are enjoyable for respondents, provide clear results, and offer you the perfect product placement and recall testing solution.

We support a variety of methods for product testing from facility and central location testing to in-home or on-site testing using qualitative or quantitative or hybrid approaches to best suit your product and test objectives.

Our Recruitment Services for Product Tests


In-Home Use Tests or Home Use Tests provide an opportunity to gain practical, in-the-moment feedback on consumer products as they would  test your products at home in their natural environment. All respondents are professionally recruited and screened to provide full and detailed feedback.

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'Central Locations Tests ‘or ‘Hall Tests’ whereby consumers are getting recruited to participate in research within controlled environments. 

These controlled environments can be a mall or a laboratory, where consumers come to these places to consume a product or use it, then share their experiences. 


Taste Test, whereby respondents are asked to try one or more samples of food or drink and provide feedback on how they think it tastes. we pre-recruit or intercept and pre-screen participants to deliver a representative sample of respondents to support either a qualitative or quantitative approach. Taste Test is often completed either in facility or at central location.

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Why Choose 'Think Design' for Product Tests

Expertise in Recruitment

We have been connecting brands and consumers to conduct product tests and share opinions.  We are experts at aligning your ideal consumer with your products to gain accurate and authentic reviews.

Authentic & Reliable Users

Our commitment to authenticity is paramount. Our systems and fact check procedures ensure every one of your product tester is a target buyer.


Our completion rate is 94%.

Product Fulfillment

We expertly manage all aspects of product logistics and fulfilment. We provide full support including refrigerated product transit, safe return of prototypes.

We will receive your test product(s) in bulk, reorganize them per the project specifications, and place them in the appropriate size and quantity to the qualified participants.

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